Wizard of Oz Audition Info

The Wizard of Oz Production is open to ALL students from Y7 - Y13. There are many different roles on stage ranging from lead performers that sing solo songs, lead performers who do not sing, being part of the ensemble cast who act, sing and dance, plus specific roles for students who may wish to dance or act without taking on the singing parts. There are also many roles backstage that are needed including support with sound, lights, costumes, scenery, props, hair and makeup. The support roles will not be involved in the rehearsals from the very start, but may be required to help paint and build scenery in after school sessions.

There is something for everyone, so please take a look at the audition materials and fill in the application for the role that best suits you.

Wizard of Oz Audition Form and Show Agreement.

To audition for ANY part in the show (including Crew and Orchestra), you MUST fill in this form and return to the box outside the Music office. You cannot audition without this form signed by a parent or guardian. Forms can be printed at home or collect from the Music corridor.

Ensemble cast audition. Monday 16th September.

This is an audition for a role as part of the ensemble cast. These are not lead roles so you will not be required to sing, act or dance on your own. The audition will take place in the Drama studio 330-530. You will need to bring a comfortable change of clothes and will need to learn a small section of the song "We're off to see the Wizard" that we will sing as a group in the audition. On the day, you will be taught a short piece of simple choreography and some acting tasks. In this show, there are a number of small speaking and singing parts that will be chosen from the ensemble during the rehearsal period. The links below are for the backing track, lyrics and original recording of the audition song.

In this audition, we are looking for enthusiasm, teamwork, listening skills and positivity.

We're Off to See the Wizard Example Track
00:00 / 00:29
We're Off to See the Wizard Backing Trac
00:00 / 00:34

Lyrics for the ensemble audition

Lead Role Audition. Tuesday 17th September.

To audition for a lead role, you must read through the role descriptions and apply for the role you think you are best suited to. You will be asked to demonstrate the skills required for the role in a solo performance of a short section of the show, either a section of a song or piece of script. 

If you audition for a lead role and are not successful in gaining a part, you may be selected for a smaller lead role and will be allowed to join the ensemble cast. You DO NOT need to attend both auditions!

Please ensure you read the information for the role you are auditioning for and prepare the correct materials.

Dorothy Gale - Female Lead - Vocal Range C4-B5 - Requires Singing, Acting and some basic dance - Please prepare the section of Somewhere Over the Rainbow in the files below and be prepared to demonstrate your acting ability through song.

Scarecrow/Cowardly Lion/Tin Man - Male or Female Leads - Vocal Range C3-F4 (or C4-F5 if needed) - Requires Singing, Acting and some basic dance - Please prepare the section of If I only had a Brain in the files below and be prepared to demonstrate your acting and movement ability through song.

Glinda the Good Witch - Female Lead - Vocal Range D4-G5 - Requires Vocal and Acting Ability - Requires Acting with some singing - please prepare the Come out come out section at the start of this video to be performed a cappella. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RHsb9LnD9Q

Wicked Witch of the West - Female lead - Acting only role - section of script to follow.

Wizard of Oz - Male Lead - Acting only role





Somewhere over the Rainbow Audition Trac
00:00 / 01:16
If I only had a Brain Audition Track
00:00 / 01:00
If I only had a Brain Example Track
00:00 / 00:51
Somewhere over the Rainbow Example Track
00:00 / 00:56

Wizard of Oz and Wicked Witch of the West Script

Dancers - If you would like to be included in the show, but do not want to be part of the singing and acting in the ensemble, there are a few positions for strong dancers. Auditions for these roles will be held separately and more information will be sent out about this through tutors and HTS Performing Arts social media.

Backstage team and musicians. Please complete the audition form and mark down your preferred supporting role. You will not need to audition at this stage and will not be required to attend rehearsals from the outset. Please note that we cannot promise that everyone who applies will be able to support and you may not get the first job that you request.