Principal Role Auditions

Wednesday 22nd September 
Drama Studio 
3:30pm to 5:30pm

The Principal Roles

Bugsy Malone – Monologue & Song - “Down and Out”

Fat Sam - Monologue

Blousey Brown – Song -“Ordinary Fool”

Tallulah – Song - “My name is Tallulah”

Fizzy – Song - “Tomorrow”

Cagey Joe – Song - “So You Wanna Be a Boxer”

Scroll down for audition material for each role. Remember to fill out an online application by Friday 17th September - Link can be found on the main 'School Production' page!

Bugsy Malone

Character description: Bugsy Malone, a one-time boxer who's neither completely honest nor crooked. He is a confident and charismatic character. 


Scene Description (Monologue): Here Bugsy is addressing the audience and setting up the beginning of the musical.

Scene Description (Song): Dandy Dan's gang has taken over the community and have all the splurge guns. Bugsy is using this song to get a group of homeless people to help him take down Dandy Dan and get the splurge guns. 

If auditioning for Bugsy Malone, you will need to learn the monologue below and the small section of the song 'Done and Out' for your audition. There is a link to the whole song for inspiration and the music for the small section and lyrics. Bugsy Malone has a New York American accent. 



Now, the guy in the chair here is Flash Frankie. The best lawyer in New York. Sure, he’s a little shady, but he’s the best… believe me, Flash Frankie’s silver tongue can get a guy out of jail quicker than a truck load of dynamite. Now, as you can see, something kind of fishy is going on here. To be perfectly honest, I’m beginning to wonder what’s going myself… I mean this play’s only just started and already the stage is full of stiffs! Oh, by the way, you’re probably wondering who I am. My name’s Malone, Bugsy Malone.


'Down and Out' Song

Link below to full original song

(The section to learn is from 00:09 - 00:50)

Down and Out Lyrics 

You don't have to sit around

Complaining 'bout the way your life has wound up

Think of all the time you waste

And time's a precious thing to let go by


Sure you've hit the bottom

But remember you'll be building from the ground up

Ev'ry day's another step

That takes you even closer to the sky, so give a try

Down and Out - Busgy Malone - Backing Track-[]
00:00 / 00:42

Fat Sam

Character description: Fat Sam is the owner of 'Fat Sam's Grad Slam' Speakeasy Club. He's a loveable gangster who has an ongoing rivalry with the character Dandy Dan. 

Fat Sam has a strong New York American accent. 

Scene description: Fat Sam is talking to one of his henchmen Knuckles. Before this monologue, Dandy Dan's gang has gone one up on Fat Sam and used the splurge guns on Fat Sam's men. Fat Sam is trying to stay calm and handle the situation. 



Don’t do that knuckles! How many more times have I got to tell you?! We do nothing. We act like nothing’s happened. Carry on as normal. ‘Tutto casa sono buono.’ We act like normal, right? So acting normal means, acting normal. (Out of door) We’ll be right there, honey. Make yourself comfortable. We’ll be a couple of minutes. Go powder your nose or somethin’. (Closes door) See, just like normal. That way they won’t know we’re scared to death… er, I don’t mean scared I mean, er… concerned. We buy ourselves a little time. Thinking time, right Knuckles? Come over here, I’m gonna send for someone to help us out of our little predicament. No ten cent dummy, you hear. A specialist.

Blousey Brown

Character description: Blousey is at first the typical wide-eyed, wannabe star, just off the bus from a small town. However, we find out that Blousey is a strong minded character and force to be reckoned with.


Scene description: Blousey is singing to audition to work at Fat Sam's Grand Slam. 

'Ordinary Fool' Song

Link to full original song -

The section to learn is from 00:00 - 01:15 

Ordinary Fool Lyrics 

Only a fool

Like fools before me

I always think with my heart

Only a fool

That same old story

Seems I was born for the part


It's a lesson that I've learnt

And a page I should have turned

I shouldn't cry

But I do

Like an ordinary fool

When her ordinary dreams come true

Fall through

Ordinary Fool - Bugsy Malone - Backing Track
00:00 / 01:17


Character description: Tallulah is the lead performer at Fat Sam's Grand Slam, and the love interest of Fat Sam himself. 


Scene description: Tallulah is performing on stage to the customers at Fat Sam's Grand Slam. She is confident as she would sing this regularly. 


'My Name is Tallulah' Song

Link to original song -

The section to learn is from 00:35 – 01:50

My Name is Tallulah lyrics

My name is Tallulah
I live till I die
I'll take what you give me
And I won't ask why
I have a lot of friends
In some exotic places
I don't remember names
But I remember faces

You don't have to be lonely
Come and see Tallulah
She'll chase your troubles away (oh)
If your lonely
You don't have to be lonely
When they talk about Tallulah
You know what they say
Know what south of heaven's gonna treat you finer

Tallulah had her training in North Carolina

My Name Is Tallulah - Bugsy Malone - Backing Track
00:00 / 01:21


Character description: Fizzy is the caretaker/cleaner at Fat Sam's Grand Slam. Fizzy has a dream to be a dancer and wishes to perform. 


Scene description: Once everyone has left Fat Sam's and its closed, Fizzy stay to clean up while singing Tomorrow. 


'Tomorrow' Song

Link to original song -

Section to learn is from 00:54 – 02:09


Song lyrics

Tomorrow, as they say
Another working day and another chore

An awful price to pay
I gave up yesterday
But they still want more

They are bound to compare me
To Fred Astaire when I'm done


Anyone who feels the rhythm
Movin' through em
Knows it's gonna do em good
To let the music burst out
When you feel assured
Let the people know it
Let your laughter loose
Until your scream
Becomes a love-shout, ah

Tomorrow - Bugsy Malone - Backing Track
00:00 / 01:18

Cagey Joe

Character description: Cagey Joe is the coach of a boxing club Bugsy takes Leroy to. 


Scene description: Bugsy brings Leroy (an undiscovered boxing talent) to Cagey Joe's boxing gym, and Cagey Jo is sizing him up to see if he's good enough to be a boxer.

'So You Wanna Be A Boxer' Song

Link to original song -

Section to learn is from 00:00 – 01:15

Song Lyrics

So you wanna be a boxer
In the golden ring
Can you punch like a south-bound freight train
Tell me just one thing

Can you move in a word like a humming bird's wing
If you need to (That's fast)
Can you bob, can you weave
Can you fake, and deceive when you need to?
Well, you might as well quit
If you haven't got it

So you wanna be a boxer
Can you pass the test?
I can tell if you've got it in you
I've trained the best
When you work and you sweat
And you bet that you train to a buzz-saw
Then you near lose your mind
When you find that your boy has a glass jaw
So you might as well quit
If you haven't got it
Putting him in the ring, Joe
Look at what you found

We can use the fun, Joe

Pushing him around

Well show him the ropes

And destroy his hopes

Put him in the ring, Joe

Give the guy a chance

Let him feel the sting, Joe

We can make him dance

We'll pulp him to bits

Then he'll call it quits for sure, Joe

So You Wanna Be a Boxer - Bugsy Malone - Backing Track
00:00 / 01:15