What We Offer



Full-time 2 year programme

Choose to study Performing Arts on the Foundation Diploma as a single option alongside at least two other A-Level or vocational courses at HTS Sixth Form, or the Extended Diploma as a full time (3 A-Level equivalent) course.
All students will study a programme of core units designed to prepare students for life in the performing arts industry beyond education, learning about staging performances, the Performing Arts business and how health and fitness are essential to a long and successful career.
In addition to core Performing Arts study, students choose from one of 5 specialist pathways:
 Music Theatre, Acting, Dance, Music or Technical Theatre Production.



Triple Threat - Acting, Singing and Dancing

This option is only available to Extended Diploma students.

In addition to the core units, Musical Theatre students will develop their skills in sessions dedicated to Dance, Acting and Vocal technique, alongside a range of performing opportunities.

All vocalists on this course will receive a weekly, one-to-one lesson with a professional vocal coach during term time.



Tread the boards

The Acting course is available in both Foundation and Extended Diploma formats.

Exploring the many creative aspects of acting and theatre through practical workshops, with both teachers and working professionals to prepare you for the professional environment. The units covered will give the chance to refine acting technique and develop your own personal repertoire of material.

We will be analysing and applying the works of different practitioners and dramatists, both modern and classical. This strong sense of context will give you the tools to develop your own strengths in a variety of areas including acting, direction and script writing.

Students on this pathway will receive a weekly one-to-one acting lesson during term time.



Information to follow...

Information to follow...



Write it, Play it, Launch it!

The Music course is available in both Foundation and Extended Diploma formats.
This project allows creative musicians to express themselves with the ultimate aim of producing an EP.
The road to creating an EP allows students to develop their understanding of Music creation and songwriting techniques. They will explore their strengths and areas for improvement in performance alongside learning how to record in a studio. Self-promotion in the Music industry is often overlooked on academic courses, but is vital to launching a career. During this course, students will learn how to promote both themselves and their music.

Students on this pathway will receive a weekly one-to-one instrumental or vocal lesson during term time.

In 2017-18 our Music results at Key Stage 5 were 90% Distinction*-Merit (A*-C) and 50% at Distinction* or Distinction  (A* or A) - Please note that this was on the RSL Subsidiary Diploma as this was the course on offer at that time.



Great Performances are more than just great performers

The Technical Theatre Production course is available as a Foundation Diploma and Extended Diploma. In these specialist units, students will learn to run a backstage, being given many opportunities to take on different roles in the production of performances.
The units cover Set Design and Realisation, Sound and Lighting Design.
This course combines the use of technology and raw materials with the creative flair required to support performers in creating an immersive experience.