Q: Where will a course in Performing Arts take me?

A: For many, the ultimate aim will be to work in the performance industry, either on stage, in the studio or behind the scenes. We understand that the industry is highly competitive and students need to leave HTS, prepared for a wide range of positions in the future.

We have discussed the reception of performing arts qualifications with a range of businesses and have included a selection of quotes given to us.

Performing arts equips young people with the confidence and soft skills to 'perform' well at interview and in roles dealing with customers. A qualification in performing arts shows the ability to work independently, be creative, and collaborate with others. Performing arts courses also instil the importance of reliability, and punctuality. These are all skills that many business owners find lacking in many young people leaving education in other subject areas

Q: Where will Performing Arts take me?

Q: Is choosing the Extended Diploma putting all my eggs in one basket?

A: For 

A: Not at all! The performing arts courses we offer are very broad qualifications that give students a huge range of opportunities to be involved in practical performances and projects while developing the need for young people be able to put together a business plan, looking at feasibility studies, finances, personnel deployment, legal frameworks, contracts and logistics.

In addition to this, students wishing to go on to study at the top colleges will need to be fully focused on developing their skills and preparing for very challenging auditions ahead!

Q: Are there exams?

A: The core units take the shape of quasi-controlled assessment. The students will be set a brief by the exam board and will be given a specific number of hours over a period of 8 weeks to prepare a response. After the 8 week period, students write up their work under exam circumstances. During this exam session, students are allowed to use the notes they have made in the 8 week controlled assessment period. 

Most of the examination tasks are also supported by video presentations or recordings of performances.

Q: Can I choose more than one specialism?

A:Unfortunately not! Students may choose from Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre and Music on the Extended Certificate course. On the Extended Diploma, you can choose to study Musical Theatre or Music.

It is not possible to take more than one specialism, but in some cases it may be possible to study a small number of units from a different pathway without changing the overall qualification.

Q: Is there a minimum entry standard?

A: Performing ability is paramount in all. The video audition will be the main focus of our decision on whether to grant a place on the course or not. However, a strong pass in English is also extremely desirable as performing tasks are all backed up with written planning and evaluations and the controlled assessment tasks also require strong use of formal language.


I cannot recommend the Cambridge Technicals at HTS Performing Arts Academy enough. As a business owner in the health & fitness industry, the first traits I look for during any interview process are character and presence. In an increasingly competitive job market, the ability for a candidate to stand out is paramount. At times, we will often request those with a performing arts type background as it is simply essential to bring facilities to life. Anyone can build a gym, but people buy into people..that's what seperates us.

Jonathan Williams, Co-owner URBANFITNESS London